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Hi, I’m Matthew, and this is my Home Site.  It is in the process of undergoing some changes at the moment, so don’t be surprised by anything that is different from one vist to the next.

I have been working in the Information Technology (IT) Industry since late 1987, focusing primarily on Network Infrastructure and Engineering in a Microsoft and CISCO Environment.  I also specialise in SQL and Microsoft SQL Server, and have experience in Web Site Design, Programming, Computer Forensics, IT Security, IT Audit and Governance, and Knowledge Management.  In the last couple of years I have begun to shift my focus towards IT Management, IT Project Management, and IT Security, performing these services in addition to those outlined above.  I’m based in and around Brisbane, Australia, and have performed services for a large number of State Government Departments and Agencies, as well as private and non-profit companies here in Australia and also in South-East Asia.

Academically, I recently completed both my Master of Information Technology (M.Inf.Tech) and my Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), with specialties in both IT Management and IT Security.

All this is leading me towards my 10-15 year goal, which is to become a CIO/CTO for a large national or international company.

Apart from my professional life, I have many and diverse Hobbies, ranging from Miniature Wargaming and Role Playing to Model Railroads.  I also have an interest in writing Poetry, Short Stories, and Novels.

So feel free to browse around, and keep on coming back, as I add more to this site regularly.

By the way, I can be contacted on Ph: (+61) 4 0411 0089 or via

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