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Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a classic FRPG complete with its own mythical world, known as the Lands of Legend.  Similar to Europe in the Middle Ages, Dragon Warriors is a good RPG for first-time players, as it is one of the simplist RPGs I’ve ever found.  That does not mean that it is childish (as a lot of simple RPGs tend to be), only that it has a simple, easy to use and understand set of rules.

Dragon Warriors came as a set of six paperback books written by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and was published in the mid-80’s by Corgi Books.  I assume that the copyright is still held by these individuals and by Corgi.    What you’ll find here is the distilation of all of the non-adventure material from these books, organised to place the relevant information next each other, so as to be easier to read and understand (the original books had rules all over the place, making tracking down an individual rule difficult if you didn’t know where to look for it).  The material here has been placed so that MY GAMING GROUP can have some necessary background information for our Dragon Warriors game.  As such, a password is required to access the remaining information.

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