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[DOM: SoundLink-Library]

The DOM: SoundLink-Library Module contains over 3100 Syrinscape Sound-Links for use with the DOE: Sound Extension for Fanatsy Grounds organised Alphabetically and via SoundSet. Also included are lists of “One-Shot” SoundLinks organised by Type.

To use the DOM: Sound-Link Module you will require a copy of Fantasy Grounds, the DOE: Sound Extension and Syrinscape.

The current version of the DOM: SoundLink-Library Module is June-2017. This version contains SoundLinks to all of the sounds in all 70 SoundSets from the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player and SoundLinks to all of the sounds in all 183 SoundSets from the Syrinscape Fantasy Player. A new version of the DOM: SoundLink-Library will be released during the first couple of days of each month and will contine to add SoundLinks for SoundSets released in the previous month.

To acquire a copy of the DOM: SoundLink-Library module send US$5 to via PayPal (use the “Send & Request => Send Money To Family And Friends” Feature and if given the option please use the US Currency) and obtain a receipt number. Email me the receipt number at and I will return email you the DOM: SoundLink-Library. It would also be extremely helpful if you could include your Fantasy Grounds Forum Handle/Alias in case there is a problem communicating via your email address. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery (and remember to check your Junk Email Folder as some Email Programs are misclassifing the DOM: SoundLink-Library as Junk).

If you find a mistake, error or mis-classification of a SoundLink please let me know at and you’ll receive the next month’s SoundLink-Library Module for free.

If you would like to see expanded/extra/different SoundLink Lists then please make your suggestion by emailing

Fantasy Grounds is Copyright 2004-2017 SmiteWorks USA LLC.

Syrinescape is Copyright 2014 Benjamin Loomes.

The DOE: Sound Extension and the DOM: SoundLink-Library Module are Copyright Peregrine I.T. Pty Ltd 2004-2017.

All right reserved.

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