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M.Inf.Tech.(Data Comms), MBA, B.Sc

Grad.Cert.Inf.Tech.(Security), Grad.Cert.Inf.Tech.(Management)

MACS (Snr), CP, IP3P

Cert. II Stock Market Trading & Investment Strategies
Prince 2 Practitioner (Certified), ITIL Certified
CCNP - Routing & Switching
CCDA, CCNA - Security, CCNA - Routing & Switching, CCENT


Matthew’s Games Page

Another of my hobbies is Tabletop Battle, Role-Playing (RPG), Online, and Board Games.  Here you will find links to pages for all of the different games that I play, as well as various copyright and source information.  This area of my site is constantly growing, so changes and new material is being added all the time.  So, sit back, relax, and have fun as you discover all about the different types of games that I play, including some that have been out of print for decades.

Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a simple (but not simplistic) Fantasy RPG set in the Lands of Legend.

Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is a piece of software that allows a Tabletop RPG to be played on a computer network.  I did not write Fantasy Grounds, but I have written some Rulesets, Extensions (Plug-Ins) and Modules for Fantasy Grounds and also produced some Tutorial VOD-Casts in how to use it.  We also telecaste our games sessions on my Twitch Channel and all of the videos can be found on my YouTube Channel.


GammaWorld is a Post-Apocalyptic RPG set in the world of 25th century earth.


Shadowrun is a Cyber-Punk RPG set in the 2060's, where magic has returned to the world and exists besides the hi-tech wonders of the mid-21st century.

Star Frontiers

Star Frontiers is a Space Opera RPG set hundreds of years in the future.

Trade Wars

Trade Wars is a Classic online BBS MUD (Bulitan-Board System Multi-User Dungeon) game that has been updated to work with 32-bit operating systems.  It is Text-Based with ASCII-Graphics, but has survived for thirty-odd years because it is still such a good game.  I host Trade Wars games on my Trade Wars Server, accessed from here.

Twilight 2000

Twilight 2000 is a Military RPG set in an alternate history where World War Three broke out just before the end of the 20th Century.


Übergame is my Operatic FRPG that I have been developing over the last forty-odd years.

Warhammer FRPG

Warhammer FRP is a Dark-Fantasy RPG set in the popular Warhammer world developed by Games Workshop.

Other Games that I will be developing pages for soon include: Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Alternity - Star*Drive, Alternity - Gamma World, Alternity - Dark Matter, Battlefleet Gothic, Warmaster, Epic 40K, Paranoia, Mordheim, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, (GWS) StarWars, Crimson Skies, Aliens, Warhammer Ancient Battles, Deadlands Classic, Deadlands Hell On Earth Classic, Deadlands Lost Coloney Classic, and Cashflow Quadrant.