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M.Inf.Tech.(Data Comms), MBA, B.Sc

Grad.Cert.Inf.Tech.(Security), Grad.Cert.Inf.Tech.(Management)

MACS (Snr), CP, IP3P

Cert.II Stock Market Trading & Investment Strategies
Prince 2 Practitioner (Certified), Prince 2 Foundations (Certified), ITIL (Certified)
CCNP, CCNP – Enterprise, CCNP – Routing & Switching
CCDA, CCNA, CCNA – Security, CCNA – Routing & Switching, CCENT
Cisco IOS Security Specialist (CIOSSS)
Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation
Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core (CCS-ECore)
Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Identity Management Implementation (CCS-SIMI)


Gamma World

Gamma World is a game set in a post apocalictic world.  It has gone through seven different incantations over its 20 odd year life.  The copyright on Gamma World is held by Wizards of the Coast, and the latest version uses the Alternity Rules System developed by TSR just before being taken over by Wizards.

The version of Gamma World here is the second or third edition (I’m not 100% sure which), published in the early 1980s.  The material on the Gamma World page is used entirely without permission, but I believe as it amounts to less than 10% of the total of each source product (which I own) it should be alright to place here.  If a legal eagle lets me know that this is not so then I’ll make any necessary changes.  The material here has been placed so that MY GAMING GROUP can have some necessary background information for our Gamma World game.  As such, a password is required to access the remaining information.

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