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Star Frontiers

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Star Frontiers was a reasonably popular Science Fiction RPG produced by TSR (now Wizards of the Coast) in the early to mid 1980’s and was a rival for the popular TRAVELLER game.  Obviously, all of this material is Copyrighted by either Wizards of the Coast, myself, or others.

Like most GM’s, I’ve taken the core rules and background of the Star Frontiers Universe and “tweeked” it to produce something that is unique — Star Frontiers Alpha Hawks.  In the following wiki you will find a great deal of Star Frontiers Alpha Hawks information drawn from a number of sources, including the original game and various magazine articles — all consolidated and streamlined into a more readable and usable form.

I have put all of the Star Frontiers Alpha Hawks information online primarily for MY GAMING GROUP.  I am NOT making a profit from this, nor am I condoning or encouraging copyright violation or piracy in any form.  As such, a User Account is required to access the rest of this information. User Accounts can be requested via email.

(Please note that during this transition period information will be transfered from the old Star Frontiers Alpha Hawks website to the new Wiki. The old Username and Password will still work for the Website, but you will need to request (via email) a new User Account to access the Wiki.)

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