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Connecting To Trade Wars

Connecting to the Trade Wars Game Server is exceptionally simple.  The only software you need is a Telnet Client, such as Putty (a free Terminal Application avaliable over the Internet).  Of course, you do need to be connected to the Internet when playing Trade Wars.

Using Putty (Or Another Telnet Application)

Putty is avaliable for download (for free) over the Internet.  You may instead choose to use another Telnet Client — it doesn’t matter, any Telnet Client Application will do, for any computer platform (Microsoft, Linux, Mac, or even Android).  Start Putty (or your favourite Telnet App), enter in the details below, and save the Session/Connection details so you can use them again later.  Connect using the OK/Connect button and you sound now connect straight to the Welcome Screen of the Trade Wars Game Server.

Once Connected

Once you have connected to the Trade Wars Game Server you will be asked to enter your name.  Please enter your real name (or your well-known Forum Alias) here so we have some idea who is using our server.

When you have entered your name you will be presented with the Game Selection Menu.  Choose the game you would like to join and enter its Menu Letter.&nbps; You will then be presented with the Trade Wars Title Screen, from which you can begin play or select various other options.

Connection Settings

Host Address:
Port: 2002

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